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FlowPro is a Oregon State (Oregon Health Authority) Certified backflow prevention device testing company. We are family owned and operated, with over 12 years of testing experience and knowledge. Our goal is simple, offer our customers the best value by providing fast, affordable, and hassle-free testing services. Conveniently located in Tualatin, Oregon, we proudly serve the Portland-Metro area.

Backflow FAQs

A backflow prevention device, by name, prevents any contaminants contained within a water system, from flowing back into the community potable water during a backflow event.

A backflow event is when water contained in a system flows opposite of its intended direction. This can occur due to either backsiphonage or backpressure:

Backsiphonage: Reduced pressure in the water supply, creates a vacuum, which allows the water in the system to flow in the opposite direction.

Backpressure: When the pressure of a water system is higher than the pressure of the water supply. This can cause non-potable water or other fluids to flow back into the potable water system.

Cross connections are potential sites for a backflow event to occur. These are physical connections (piping/plumbing) between a potable water system and a non-potable water/fluid source.

All backflow prevention devices are required by Federal and State Law to be tested annually. In most cases, your local city or water purveyor is responsible for the oversight and regulation of backflow testing.


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